Interview with a Takamo craftsman

Takamo jewelry is suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and its simple combination of wood and metal is popular among men and women of all ages. Takamo jewelry is created by a young Japanese craftsman named Yuito. He continues to create wooden jewelry today with the single-minded desire to "expand the possibilities of wooden products.

In this blog, we would like to introduce our interview with Takamo's craftsman "Yuito" and hope that you will become a fan of our brand by experiencing the passion that goes into Takamo's jewelry.

Question 1: Why did you focus on wood, which is rare for jewelry?

My family has been making wooden furniture and altars for generations. We have woodworking machines in our own factory, and I came up with the idea of making wooden jewelry when I realized that these machines were better suited for making fine decorative pieces than for making furniture.

After studying architecture at university, I joined my father's company, Takahashi Woodworking Co. There, I once again became aware of the high level of traditional Japanese technology. At that time, I decided that I wanted to leave behind for future generations the skills that I had cultivated since the company's founding.

Question 2: Please tell me about the natural wood used in Takamo jewelry.

Natural wood is harder and stronger than artificial wood. The strength of nature as it is also makes the product last longer. However, because of its hardness, natural wood is difficult to process and requires appropriate skills.

Question 3: From what countries do you procure your lumber?

The wood is sourced from Southeast Asia. I get it wholesale from my local sawmill. I can also get "ebony," which is less commonly distributed.

Question 4: What do you pay attention to when making jewelry?

It is a balance between wood and metal. We do not want the wood to stand out too much, so we pay careful attention to the combination of the two.

Takamo's jewelry is made in a fashionable shape so that young people can use it.

I do not draw up designs on paper, but rather rely on my own senses to create each piece.

Question 5: Who would you like to wear Takamo jewelry?

Although most of our jewelry is for women, we want people of all ages to wear it, including men.

We want everyone to incorporate it into a part of their everyday fashion. Or, you can wear it when you go out on a date with your loved one.

Question 6: How should I store my jewelry?

The surface of Takamo jewelry may discolor in reaction to sebum, sweat, dirt, or cosmetic ingredients. Please be especially careful when the jewelry gets wet with water. To keep your jewelry clean, wipe it gently with a soft cloth such as a glasses cloth after wearing. We also recommend storing the jewelry in a jewelry box or a bag with a zip. If the luster is lost, please apply with egoma oil or amani-oil to bring back the luster.

Question 7: What kind of jewelry do you recommend in Takamo?

These "Hana Lattice" jewelry are made with the technique of Kumiko Zaiku.


Kumiko work requires a particularly high level of skill, and it takes about two weeks from the start of making a piece of jewelry to its completion.

Question 8: What is the meaning of the "Takamo" logo?

The Takamo logo represents a "flower lattice" and is based on a hydrangea. This was born from my father's idea. The language of flowers in hydrangea is "family connection.

I hope that those who pick up a piece of Takamo jewelry will be blessed with a wonderful marriage.