For the people around the world who love Japanese products.

A lot of traditional Japanese crafts are declining with the flow of the times. We KOMARI respect the products made by Japanese craftsmen. No matter what, we will continue our mission to preserve Japan’s wonderful creations for the future and to make them known to people all over the world. We hope they reach the people who appreciate Japanese products.


We cherish Japanese tradition

We have been selling traditional Japanese ornaments called Hina Dolls and Satsuki Dolls in Japan for a long time. Hina Dolls are special dolls in traditional Japanese costumes. Satsuki Doll is a general term for samurai armor helmets and dolls. We celebrate the birth of a child and decorate both of them with the hope that the child will grow up well. We value the traditional culture that has continued since ancient times and remain important to the lives of Japanese people.


Encountering Japanese creative craftsmen

Besides Hina dolls and May dolls, there are many wonderful cultural traditions in Japan. As we met creative craftsmen we realized that we wanted to spread the good old Japanese traditions and techniques not only in Japan but all over the world. Our hope is to connect Japanese culture and workmanship with as many people as possible through our wide catalogue of Japanese products, and increase the worldwide fondness for our country.


We believe in the potential of Japanese technology.



Bringing high-quality Japanese handiwork to you

We only display and provide items genuinely made in Japan. We asked for Japanese craftsmen’s cooperation to participate in this project, and support their work so they may continue their traditional craftsmanship. It is said that once a tradition has died out then it can never come back again. Creations wholeheartedly made by highly skilled craftsmen should never fade away. That’s why we wish to promote all of these wonderful projects. We hope that we can be the bridge that connects these humble craftsmen to the rest of the world.



Company Profile

Information about us

In 2001, we established a wedding production and gift sales business in North Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. In 2007, we started a sales department for selling traditional Japanese dolls and ornaments such as the “Hina doll” and “May doll” and after great success, established it as our core business. We began developing modern festival products such as ASTRO Hoshizora (星空), featuring starry sky themed kites, and the Prefer “Kimekomi” Hina Doll (a doll made of wood, with grooves carved into the body to emulate the way clothes would fit on a real person). In July 2018, Tatsumi Office was opened in Tatsumi, North Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture.


Company Name
Komari Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer
Naoya Hirayama

August 2001

November 2010

5,000,000 yen (as of October 2013)


Base of Operations

Tatsumi Business Division
29-113 Tatsumi, Kita-ku, Okayama 700 - 0976
TEL: 086-250-0092 FAX: 086-250-8868
*A specialty store for gifts and gifts. The official local store for the Prefer Doll (Prefer) and KOMARI

Ishima Office
700 - 0016 Okayama Prefecture Okayama City Kita-ku Ishima-cho 2-chome 21-27