All accessories are made by craftsmen.

We will try to ship it by the scheduled delivery date, but delivery may be delayed due to manufacturing processes or unavoidable circumstances that may affect delivery or labor. Also, during the production process, there is a possibility that the design and specifications will be partially altered or changed. Please understand that we take every effort to provide a satisfactory product and any alteration or change would not be made with the intent to decrease the value of the product.

For the production of our products, we use wood. Dropping or applying excessive force may cause damage to the item. In addition, there is a danger of injury due to splinters. Please note that we are not responsible for any injuries. For finishing, we use natural oil. Due to the nature of wood, white powder may rarely be released. Since there is no effect on the human body, there is no problem and you can wipe it off with a dry cloth. Please be careful not to get the product wet. Intense exercise, such as sports, can cause the wood to crack, discolor and fade quickly when exposed to a large amount of sweat. Metal parts are susceptible to dullness and rust. Also, refrain from storing or using in direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity. It may cause warping and cracking of the wood.