●Color transfer
Colors may run if wet when it rains or if you sweat with tabi socks. It will be easier for color to run with light colored cloth so please be careful.

●Be careful on slick surfaces
Be careful when wearing if you walk on a surface that is wet, iced or oily

●If you find something wrong
If you experience itchiness or rash on your skin, please stop wearing immediately.

●Nature of rubber
Because synthetic rubber is used for the sole of the tabi, a white powder residue may appear on the ground or other materials.



How to Care
Use waterproof spray before wearing, which will prevent deterioration from dirt or moisture. Please chose the correct water proof spray for tabi fabric.

Step.1 Take insole out
Care for the insole and body separately.

Step.2 Remove dirt with shoe brush
Remove dirt well with shoe brush before washing with water.

Step.3 Wipe body with lightly wet cloth
Wipe dirty parts well.

Step.4 Wash with detergent if dirty
Brush with Neutral detergent/ weak alkaline detergent (NO bleach) Rinse off all the detergent completely. Be sure to follow the detergent instructions for the correct detergent concentration. Even if it is really dirty, ensure not to brush too strongly or Tabi fabrics may become damaged.

Step.5 Care insole
Recommend soaking because it reduces damage.

Step.6 Drying
Drain the water well after its washed and wipe with dry cloth. Put highly absorbent paper in to keep the tabi shape and absorb moisture from inside. Finally, hang in a well-ventilated and shaded area.


Solution if it's wet
If kept wet, deterioration of shape, stains, dirt, mold and bad smells can occur.Care properly if it's wet.

Wipe with dry cloth inside and outside to remove moisture. Scrub gently to avoid damage, running of colors or discoloration.

Put highly absorbent paper in to remove inside moisture. It can also keep the tabi’s shape.

Finally, hang in a well-ventilated and shaded area. Do not dry in a laundry dryer or stove, as it will causes deterioration and warping.



storing in direct sun light and high temperatures and humidity will cause the product to deteriorate. It is Recommend to keep in a cool and airy space. Also avoid storing in the car during high temperatures, as it will also cause deterioration from the heat.

●long term storage
Remove dirt and moisture to prevent mould and deterioration before storing for long periods of time. Test the wear and fit after long term storage to check for deterioration.