1.Wear with separated socks or bare foot
They prevent moisture and tabi can fit more easily if you wear the socks.



2.Put your feet into the tabi
Put your feet into the tabi fit to the toe solidly, try to fit onto the sole.



3.Put Kohaze hook on from below
Sit on a chair, put feet on your thigh and across it. Place the ankle and feet at 90 degree and put on from heel to ankle.



4.Put Kohaze hook on from below
Put Kohaze hook on from the heel to ankle one by one.Attach the ukeito threads and open the kohaze hook wider, then try to scoop it. You can adjust the thread position to fit your ankle.It shouldn't be too loose or too tight to make walking comfortable.



5.Checking walking, stand and up to fit
You can adjust the kohaze position if it is too loose or too tight. Adjust the fit to be more comfortable, then finish it up.



Arrangement of wearing Tabi
You can unhook on the top of kohaze hook and enjoy the different fabric inside out.You can discover different ways you like to wear it!