Features and Structure of TABI SHOES

TABI SHOES were created to be a modern expression of Tabi, well-known traditional Japanese footwear.

The shape is unique with the big toe separated from the rest.Because of this feature, you can easily to put strength into your toe which aids in smooth running and standing firm.It grips the ground when you walk and feels the same as if you are barefoot.

This blog introduces the features of TABI SHOES and its structure.

Features of TABI SHOES

Be healthy in walking with Jika-tabi

The Tabi form makes a steady structure that fits your feet so you can enjoy long walks without tiring. It grips the ground when you walk and feels the same as if you are barefoot, which aids in walking with good balance and better posture.It is like a Japanese ninja.

Effective for hallux valgus

A majority of women who wear high heels suffer from bunions, which are eased with Jika-Tabi. Jika-Tabi fit closely to your feet, preventing tension to your toes and relieve pain.

The thin flat sole helps your walking balance and stride by placing the heel first on your step.

Structure of TABI SHOES

The best feature is the unique shape with the big toe separated from the rest.

Originally this form was chosen for making it possible to work stably and solidly at high places. Jika-Tabi are made from very light rubber and fabric.

The sole is much thinner than a sneaker which makes for a lighter feel. The ankle covering feels same as a high cut sneaker during wear.

A piece of material called Kohaze tie on with strings when you put it on your ankle. The kohaze shows you shoe’s size and logo of the brand. It also contains an essence of fashion and usefulness in each detail.


Jika-tabi are made in Japan with fascinating materials and design. The advantage is the tight fit to your feet.

A variety of designs gives you an essence of fashion on your feet.

Modern day Jika-tabi are made from attractive fabric. Enjoyable traditional Japanese patterns and handcrafted works.

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