How to choose TABI SHOES sizes and socks

When purchasing footwear, there are some things to keep in mind. That is shoe size and socks. In this blog, we will discuss how to choose your TABI SHOES size and socks!

How to choose shoes size

Recommend 0.5-1cm bigger than usual size. It will fit to your feet. If you chose your usual size, it will be too tight when your feet get puffy. You don’t need to worry about them being a little bigger than your feet because the Kohaze tie on your ankle to prevent slipping.

How to choose socks

 It is difficult to wear unsectioned socks when you wear tabi. It’s okay to wear without these socks but we don’t recommend regular socks to make your feet more comfortable and avoid humidity.

The same way that Jika-tabi support your walking and a strong no-slip grip. They also aid in the prevention of bunions. You can also wear them in normal shoes.

A variety of designs are lined up. They contain very unique, traditional Japanese patterns and a rich cultural history. You can coordinate with Jika-tabi to make a more fashionable look.

It is also very cute that the socks slightly show from tabi.We provide two type of lengths: short and medium. Short length won’t show out from tabi and middle length will show out bit. Chose as you like!


The slip–on use is intended for inside, outdoors, and every day activities.The sectioned toe design makes slip on and off easy.The design is geared to daily life and anyone who enjoys wearing the tabi style.

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