Takamo Techniques and Sustainability

Takamo jewelry is made from a balanced combination of warm woods and stylish metals. For jewelry making, Takamo uses natural wood with distinctive color and grain, and white ash, which is white and beautiful in color.

Natural wood is harder and stronger than artificial wood. It has the strength of nature as it is, which leads to a longer life of the product. However, it is more difficult to process than artificial wood, and requires a certain amount of skill to process well.

Delicate craftsmanship by Japanese artisans

A cross between a craftsman with a creative mind and his father's mastery of the craft, Takamo jewelry has the potential to be timeless. They are so delicate and modern that you can wear them on any occasion, whether you want to go out in style or go on a date with your sweetheart. Its subtlety never overwhelms you and enhances your personality. It is the ideal jewelry for the fashion-conscious, as it allows you to enjoy a fashionable look without being out of place. It is also an ideal gift for your loved ones. Because the jewelry is created by meticulous handwork, there is always a natural softness to the details.

“Kumiko” Techniques

Among Takamo's jewelry, the "hana" series is made using the traditional Japanese woodworking technique called "Kumiko" and is popular among overseas visitors to Japan. Kumiko is a technique of assembling wood without using any nails, and is an ancient Japanese traditional craft that has been refined over the years since more than 1,300 years ago. Kumiko work was originally used to decorate shrines, temples, fixtures, and Buddhist altars. The wood is thinly ground and split, then grooved and drilled, and assembled one by one with fine adjustments; even a 0.1 mm deviation in dimension prevents the assembly, requiring extremely delicate techniques. Preserving and utilizing Japanese traditions. Please feel the beauty of traditional Japanese techniques and culture through jewelry made with the Kumiko technique.

Flower lattice of “Kumiko”

The flower lattice design created by kumiko work is an original Takamo pattern.

It is the result of a craftsman's sincere dedication to craftsmanship and an observant eye sharpened by years of experience. Also used in the Takamo's logo.

The motif of this floral grid is the hydrangea. Wet in the rain, the hydrangea radiates vivid colors and enriches the heart. This design reflects the stylistic beauty born from the heart of Japanese people who appreciate the power of nature and the beauty of the four seasons. The hydrangea has a variety of flower meanings, one of which is "family ties. This floral grid expresses the hope that people will cherish their ties with their families and loved ones.

Sustainability of Takamo

Takamo is committed to sustainable product development with the goal of protecting the global environment.

In order to make the most effective use of limited materials, we manufacture our products using as much scrap wood as possible from the manufacturing process of Buddhist altars. We also use hard, durable natural wood, which helps our products last longer. If you take care when using and storing it, and take proper care of it, you can use it for a long time.